Weird circuit

So a couple days ago I was tearing apart a bunch of old computers I had kicking around, pretty much just a bunch of PIIs and older. I figure they aren’t really of much value used as originally intended, but I don’t want to see them end up in a land fill or piled up in someones backyard in India, so I’m stripping them down for components for electronics projects (if anyone needs any older computer parts (including CD-ROMs, floppy drives, power supplies, sound cards, CRT monitors, etc.) or components they suspect would be on an old motherboard, feel free to drop by).

Anyway, I pulled this one PCB out of the front of a computer that seemed a bit odd. All there is to it is a triple digit seven segment display, a single resistor (I suspect to regulate power to the display), and a huge amount of jumper pins. I think I count almost 100 pins. The thing faces out through the front of the computer case, I assume as a CPU frequency display (an older computer we used to have had a similar thing). What weirds me out is that I don’t recall there being any cable connected to this thing. I wasn’t really being too careful when disconnecting headers from the motherboards, but I really don’t recall ever unplugging this thing. Even if I had unplugged it, the majority of these pins look like they are just jumpers. There are two small 2×5 sections of pins that I suppose could have been headers for some other connector, but I don’t really see the necessity of all the jumpers.

Update: I have got the display powered up and played with the jumpers. Che out the new post.