Iron Ring

This past Tuesday I took part in the ritual of the calling of an engineer and received my Iron Ring and was lucky enough to have my father present my ring to me. The ceremony is a bit strange, but the idea is that the ring signifies the commitment to the ethical obligations of the engineering profession. This is a symbol that is used across Canada and is intended to unite all engineers throughout the country. In a way it is hard to believe that in 3 weeks my 5 years of computer engineering studies will come to an end. I am excited for what the next stage of my life has in store.


Today at the home of Les.net (an ISP) was the fourth SkullSpace hack-a-thon and there were a ton of people that came out. I didn’t count, but I would guess well over 40 people. There were people working on coding, microcontroller stuff, lock picking, RC stuff, DJing, some talks, a hacking contest, and an all around good time to get to know people of similar interests. There is a Flickr album up here. I’m really looking forward to the next one.

UPDATE: The official SkullSpace Flickr album for the day is here and blog post here.


Happy Pi Day

Happy Pi day everyone! For those unaware, today is March 14, or 3.14, the first 3 digits of Pi. I just got back from having desert at Baked Expectations with a bunch of people in celebration.

Despite all the joy surrounding the day, not all are amused (and I am slightly inclined to agree). See the following video by Vi Hart:


Last week I attended “Code Camp 2011” and “camped out” in the SkullSpace room. Their talks were really good and they just posted them on their blog:¬†http://www.skullspace.ca/blog/2011/03/code-camp-its-safe-to-say-we-won/