Computer Engineering

A warning message to the Internet regarding the study of computer engineering, specifically at the University of Manitoba: do not attempt to do a four year degree in four years unless you intend to do nothing but study and do homework the entire time. I started my degree attempting to do it in four years, but after two years of six courses per term with an average of 4 or 5 credit hours per course, I realized why this was not a popular option. My third year I scaled it back and it was great. Now that I am in my fourth year, however, I have bumped it back up to 6 courses this term. I am doing this so that I can study abroad next term in Hungary as part of my Capstone project, which I am super excited for, but the work load this term has been insane with roughly 2 midterms, 3 lab reports, and several assignments due every week.

My suggestion to anyone starting out in or considering Computer Engineering at U of M: do six courses per term in your first year or two and then wind down until your fifth or even sixth year. This gives you the chance to take very few courses while doing your final year design project, something you will be grateful for. It also makes room for any courses you may have to retake in case of unsatisfactory grades.

Having said that, Computer Engineering at U of M is great and I recommend anyone interested in circuits and software to check it out.