Hey everyone. Sorry I haven’t posted in a long time. School has been surprisingly draining lately. I can assure you though that I am still around, despite being hit by a car while biking home a couple months ago (don’t worry, no serious injuries). I’m in the middle of exams, but I’m hoping to post a little more regularly. I have a few post ideas queued up, so we should be good for a bit. I also have a few projects I’m working on, so hopefully I’ll get some work logs up here.

Anyway, I’ll finish this post off with some pictures of my fancy new shoes. I was drawn to these shoes, partly for the style and partly for the price, but when I flipped them over to check for a sticker, I was quickly convinced I had found my new shoes. Sadly, the designer didn’t take reflections in high school. 10 points1 to whoever finds the errors in the shoes. So far it seems that the outlines of the keys are the only part that transfer to our cold Canadian snow, so things are still fine with the footprints.

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  1. = + are (supposed to be) on the same key.

    The [ ] and = – have changed places.

    Hard to tell from the photos, but it looks like L and J have changed places.

    ” and ; certainly have.

    Num pad enter is on the wrong side, and has the wrong orientation. Also, no num pad ‘.’

    Num lock and * have changed places, I think.

    That’s everything I can see from the photos. Did I miss anything?

    Cool shoes, nonetheless. Nice snag!

  2. Actually the whole way they’re doing the imprint/reflection is messed up. For instance, ‘P’ should be facing away from ‘O’ when the imprint is made, but won’t be. The Keyboard would be backwards, I guess, or upside down, depending on which show?

  3. Ya, the reflection in the right shoe will look like a mirrored keyboard but all of the letters will have the right orientation. The left shoe is all sorts of wrong. The arrangement of keys will still be fine (save for the few errors in that) but all of the letters will be upside down.

    As for the issues in the key placement, I had seen a few of those, but you found a few more that I hadn’t. I think the 10 points go to Travis!