IC Construction

For one of my classes this term, we were asked to make a 3D model of a MOSFET as a way to better understand how they are physically constructed. I was flipping through a few different ways of doing it (LEGO, clay, digital model, jell-o, etc.) and finally settled on making a simple pop-up book, chosen for portability and, most importantly, simple construction. The picture to the right is the prototype; the model I handed in had nice colours and a cover page attached. If there is any interest, I can post my source file.

When all of us in the class brought our models in, we all voted on our favourites and I was in the top 3! For a prize, I received a mask from a 1994 IBM chip/set of chips.The thing is pretty neat looking and gives an appreciation for the precision required during manufacture. This thing will likely be adorning my desk for quite some time.