Yesterday I had the honour of attending a hackathon with Winnipeg’s new hackerspace, SkullSpace. I brought my CAN bus boards to do some soldering and also did some lock picking. You can read more about the event on their blog. They are in the process of getting permanent space together, so we met at the Red River College campus (it is a sweet set of buildings and you should check it out if you can). Once they have the legalities and funding (via donations and paid memberships) then they will start equipping a space. I’m really looking forward to it!

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  1. I’d love to hear about what went down at the event! What were other participants working on?

  2. Lots of people were there working on code, a few guys at the back were building file servers, the guys at the front were discussing how SkullSpace should run, there was a “lock picking village,” and there was a lengthy discussion on bacon. It was all around a pretty good time.